Positive Impacts of Illegal Music Products

Every case will have pro’s and con’s also, will have a good and bad side so, based on that statement, we can conclude that the existence of Illegal Music Product also has a good impacts, those are :

•Free Promotional tools, especially for the newcomers
As what have been mentioned before, the existence of Illegal Music Product will create loss for Music Industry, singer and composer. Those people will not get the whole income they must get and can’t do anything when they see the people listen for their Music Product in the form of Illegal. But, let’s think the positive side of this case. Illegal Music Product can be their Free Promotional tools whether they aware or not because the existence of their Illegal Music Product will create more people who are able to pay for listening their song and the people who like and know their music will be increased and of course, it will create more famous name for them. For the Diva like Krisdayanti and Titi DJ, the impact may not be significant but, how about the newcomer? Let’s see Inul. Most people know her through illegal Music Product and without promotion, everybody knows her. Or, let’s make assumption. In the market, there are compilation CD and just imagine when the newcomer’s song inserted between known and famous songs in that Illegal CD. When people buy the CD, automatically, will know that newcomer without being promoted.

•The way for the low income people to get extra income
Just like what have been said before, Indonesia is a developing country with monetary crisis inside which means, Indonesia still categorized as low-income level country . Not just low income, there are also many unemployment inside this country. So, it makes sense if people mentioned above takes risk for selling the Illegal Music Product because that is one alternative to get income ( see table 1 ) in this difficult situation without forcing the government continually to help them. Now, Just go to the market and see the sellers of Illegal Music Product. Most of them are the low-income people and from those low-income people, there are some young and jobless people who make the Illegal Music Product to be their means of subsistence. At least, by doing that business, they can reduce their negative activities like stealing and other criminalities that create loss for society.

•Society satisfaction through consumer and Producer surplus
Generally, People like the cheap product and by seeing the condition now, the price of Original Music Product will not satisfy them in this Difficult Economy condition so, by the existence of the illegal Music Product, society can get more satisfaction and entertainment by paying lower than it must be. This situation will create consumer surplus because they pay something but actually they can purchase it with higher price ( or just say, entertainment in a cheap way ) so, the remain of money can be used to do something else. In this case, I use 5,000 which is the cheapest price of Illegal Music Product in the market and 25,000 which is the cheapest Original Music product I the form of CD. Talking about producer Surplus, the producer also gets profit because they sell product with lower cost caused by some agreements and advance of technology. In this case, I use 1,500 as cost of production which consist of Disc ( 1,000 ) and the plastic seal+cover+miscellaneous ( 500 ) and use 2,200 from the case example got from POLDA SULUT.

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