It’s Time For Having Your Own Hosting

There are some reasons why I love to blog with blogspot, those are : its simplicity, its free domain and of course, its free hosting. Writing my daily life by using blogspot always become a fun activity because what I have to do is just writing without considering the payment for my domain and hosting. But then, I realized one important thing. If I want to be a professional blogger , I need my own domain and hosting because having my own domain and hosting will make me looked professional and easy to be trusted. Regarding that, I want to talk about a website that I found while surfing the best hosting for my new blog and website.

It is , a great guide to find Web Hosting service provider that will suit your need of web hosting by offering affordable price. Currently, it has already 200 approved webhosts with over 400 cheap web hosting packages listed so, just visit its website and find out the cheap web hosting that suit you the best. It will be so much fun to choose from the various choices, as fun as I feel when I visit its website. Now, are you ready to have your own hosting?

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3 Responses to “It’s Time For Having Your Own Hosting”

Download Template mengatakan...

How about,, and ????
They are all free n_n

ipanks mengatakan...

hhehehe jobnya lancar y mbak :D

Anonim mengatakan...

tinggal withdrawal nya nih :)