How’s Your Christmas?

Christmas is coming!! How’s your preparation? In Manado, people had already prepared since September a.k.a the beginning of ber-ber months. So, how about the other cities? I believe, in a big city like Jakarta, the mall will be so beautiful by being decorated with Christmas stuffs so, I really hope that every blogger can share the Christmas situation in their cities so, we can promote Indonesia together (hmm…Jero Wacik must be proud of me,hehehe…)

Anyway, let’s talk about your home now. Have you already done a home improvement? I believe, most of Christians have already done it from the beginning of December. To be honest, although I am not a strong woman (^_^), I always love the time when I help my uncle and aunt in doing a home improvement because it is a “family thing” for me and I really love to do that kind of thing.

Unfortunately, I can not do a home improvement this year because my aunt (becim) have just died and it is not proper to do something like that. So, I just can not wait to hear about your home improvement for this Christmas because it will be a great input for me to do my annual home improvement next year.Finally, Merry Christmas Everybody….Just wait for another Christmas article from me.

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2 Responses to “How’s Your Christmas?”

Nyante Aza Lae mengatakan...

dq muslim mbak...jd tentu g ada persiapan apa2 dunkk.
btw skedar info..di t4ku..klo ada keagiatan keagamaan..smua pihak terlibat, contohnya seksi keamanan dll..

theblues mengatakan...

Tomorrow is x-mas.. so happy marry X-mas :)